Wednesday, February 21

WATCH: Indonesian Footballer Dies After Being Struck By Lightning

Written by Samrat Chakraborty

In a heart-wrenching moment, an Indonesian footballer, died on the field during a friendly match between 2 FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang. The footballer was identified as Septain Raharja. The moment which took place at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, West Java was captured in a video. However, he did not die on the spot.

As per reports in the local media, PRFM News, the footballer was still breathing after the incident and was rushed to a local hospital. However, he lost his life due to intense burns and was declared dead at the Sariningsih Hospital. The outlet also reported that the jersey that the footballer was wearing had scorching marks.

Incidentally, it was the second time an Indonesian footballer was struck by lightning in the last 12 months. Earlier, a young footballer in Bojonegoro, East Java was struck by lightning during the Soeratin U-13 Cup in 2023.

As per the refereeing rulebook, the referee holds the interpretation to poor weather across the world and is allowed to take calls on the game accordingly. For instance, all football matches in the Netherlands were called off on February 8, 2020 due to high wind speed in the country.

The Royal Netherlands Football Association had issued a statement, in consultation with clubs, police, and municipalities, saying, “concluded that because of the expected weather conditions the safety of supporters and players cannot be guaranteed.”

Meanwhile, in 2023, a 21-year-old footballer named Caio Henrique de Lima Goncalves was jolted by the lightning strike while he was playing for his Uniao Jaiirense team in a cup fixture.