"FBI Investigation In Its Early Stage": President Biden On Trump Shooting

Trump Shooting | Jul 15, 2024

President Joe Biden will address the nation from the Oval Office at 8 p.m. on Sunday following the attempted assassination of Donald..

FBI Identifies 20-Year-Old Thomas Mathew Crooks As Trump Rally Shooter

Thoman Mathew Crooks | Jul 14, 2024

FBI has identified 20-year-old Thoman Mathew Crooks as the shooter involved in Donald Trump's assassination.

Bill Ackman Endorses Donald Trump

Bill Ackman | Jul 14, 2024

Bill Ackman, the American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist, known for his activist investing style and as the founder..

Trump Rally Shooting: Important Things To Know

Donald Trump | Jul 14, 2024

Messages of support poured in from the world leaders after the shocking incident.

Donald Trump Shot During Campaign Rally, Suspected Shooter Among 2 Dead

Donald Trump | Jul 14, 2024

Former President Donald Trump was injured following a shooting during his election campaign at Pennsylvania.

Vinzhinjam Port: How It Is Geostrategically And Economically Significant For India?

Vizhinjam port | Jul 12, 2024

The port has played a significant role in cultural exchange between India and other civilizations including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, an..

Erdogan Said This About NATO's Attempts To Support Israel

Turkey | Jul 12, 2024

Erdogan said until comprehensive, sustainable peace is established in Palestine, attempts at cooperation with Israel within NATO will..

After Calling Zelensky Putin, Biden Refers To Kamala Harris As "Vice President Trump"

US | Jul 12, 2024

During NATO Summit in Washington, Biden handed over the mic to Zelensky by calling him President Putin, and then corrected himself.

Israel To Taiwan, Countries That Receive US Military Aid

US | Jul 11, 2024

Since the beginning Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, US has not only allowed weapons sales to Israel. It has..

China A "Decisive Enabler" Of Russia's War In Ukraine: NATO

china | Jul 11, 2024

China insist about not providing direct military aid to Russia, but has maintained strong trade ties with its neighbour throughout th..

China Constructing More Wind And Solar Power Than Others: Report

china | Jul 11, 2024

China has 180 gigawatts (GW) of utility-scale solar power under construction and 15GW of wind power.

Major Democratic Fundraiser George Clooney Urges Joe Biden To Drop Out

US Presidential Elections | Jul 11, 2024

Comedian and writer Stephen Colbert, director Michael Moore, author Stephen King, actor John Cusack, and Netflix co-founder Reed Hast..