Wednesday, April 24

Kinetic Green’s Electric Luna Revival: A Nostalgic Ride Into The Future Of Sustainable Mobility

Written by S Das

In a strategic move, Kinetic Green is gearing up for a series of product launches and has secured investments exceeding Rs 500 crore, signalling its commitment to the electric vehicle (EV) market. Notably, the company intends to focus on scooters and three-wheelers, with no immediate plans for motorcycles.

The electric Luna, a nostalgic revival, is set to enter the market in the first quarter of the upcoming year.  Kinetic Green confirmed the imminent arrival of the electric Luna. Highlighting the necessary government approvals, the company expressed enthusiasm about the impending launch in the first quarter of the upcoming year, citing positive responses and excitement surrounding the much-anticipated release. Kinetic Green has outlined an ambitious product launch strategy over the next five years, anticipating disruptive growth in the electric two- and three-wheeler segments. With an expected increase in penetration from 6% to 30-40%, the company projects an overall 70-75% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the next five years.

In addition to the Electric Luna, Kinetic Green is actively working on a high-performance scooter tailored for urban commuting, boasting a speed range between 80-90 kilometers/hour. Reflecting on the company’s vision, Hero shared ambitious targets, aiming to sell 1 million electric vehicles in FY30, generating approximately Rs 10,000 crores in topline revenue. The projected growth is expected to be around 90-100% CAGR per year, with a significant contribution from two-wheelers (60%), three-wheelers (30-35%), and golf carts (10%).

While emphasising the focus on e-Luna and scooters, Kinetic Green is clear about its decision to steer away from motorcycles in its current roadmap. The company’s foray into high-performance scooters and passenger carriers underscores its commitment to capturing the evolving landscape of the electric mobility sector.

Kinetic Green’s strategic push into the electric vehicle market, backed by substantial investments exceeding Rs 500 crore, signals a significant commitment to transformative growth. The revival of the iconic electric Luna in the first quarter of the upcoming year adds a nostalgic touch to the brand’s forward-looking strategy. With a clear focus on scooters and three-wheelers, Kinetic Green aims to capitalise on the anticipated surge in the electric two- and three-wheeler segments. The ambitious product launch plan for the next five years, including a high-performance scooter and an L5 passenger carrier, aligns with the company’s vision for substantial market penetration and revenue growth. As Kinetic Green steers away from motorcycles, its emphasis on diverse electric mobility offerings underscores its commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transportation.