Wednesday, April 24

Vistara Blames Operational Issues On Flight Delays And Cancellations

Edited by Aishwarya Krishnan

Co-owned by Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, Vistara has been affected by a huge number of delays and cancellations over the past few days, with disappointed and angry customers flooding X (formerly known as Twitter) with accounts of their experience.

Confirming the news, a Vistara spokesperson stated that the delays and cancellations were attributed to operational reasons. The airline’s spokesperson stated, “We confirm that we have had a number of flight cancellations and unavoidable delays in the last few days due to various operational reasons. Our teams are tirelessly working to stabilise the situation. We regret the inconvenience caused to our valued customers due to these disruptions.”

Complaints by exasperated customers flooded social media, as many were left confused by a lack of information and unable to communicate with the airline’s staff.

Mr. Prakash Singh stated, “Huge flight disruptions at Vistara. On an average most flights are delayed by more than 2 hours. Operational reason is the answer. Mysterious. Can you plz explain. I’m on UK 993 to Mumbai. Has meetings with US employees in evening. Huge loss of face.”

Director of the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, Dr. Shailesh Nayak, complained of a lack of information by the airline. He wrote, “Vistara Flight 865 status is unknown. SMS says it is delayed and will depart at 12:40 (p.m.) on April 2. I checked with Vistara helpline and he mentioned it is at 2000 h. There is nobody at the check in counter. The board still says o time. How do we get information?”

Historian and author Mr. Vikram Sampath wrote, “mumbai blore flight 5 pm gets cancelled last min citing “operational reasons”.. we change booking to morning 9 am. U announce boarding n then say “operational reason” it now leaves at 11. Do u even care for ur customers, their time, money? As a CV Gold member frustrated by ur poor service.”

Sharing a video clip of customers in line waiting for information, another user said, “This is regarding the flight UK873, the flight was supposed to leave by 6:10 AM from BOM-HYD. It’s been 6 hours, Vistara is harassing and not giving any solution. I am travelling for more than 16 hours and I am falling sick. Please take immediate action.”

Mr. Vignesh Murali also shared a clip of irate customers complaining, one of whom can be heard asking for answers from the staff, adding that she is an invigilator for board exams scheduled for tomorrow. Mr. Murali stated that a Vistara flight from Mumbai to Chennai had been delayed for more than 5 hours, and there was no confirmation by the staff.