Wednesday, April 24

Congress Delegation Meets Election Commission; Flags Violations

Edited by Timeline News Desk

New Delhi, April 2: A Congress delegation today met the Election Commission and flagged its attention on various violations being committed in the name of advertisements. It also brought to commission’s notice the pictures of the Chief Minister used in Andhra Pradesh for various government schemes.

The delegation comprised of Salman Khurshid, Pawan Khera and Gurdeep Sappal.

Briefing reporters after the meeting, Mr Khurshid said that they brought to the notice of the commission the violation being committed in Andhra Pradesh with Chief Minister’s pictures being used for already prevailing government schemes there. He said that the Election Commission was already seized of the matter.

He said, the delegation told the Commission that no new scheme can be launched during the elections and nor can be new beneficiaries added during the process. He said, the Commission agreed with that.

Khursheed said that the delegation also conveyed to the Commission about the wrong expenses being attributed to the party candidates in Tamil Nadu for the posters printed in Delhi and sent for campaigning purposes in the state. He said, the Commission told them that necessary instructions will be issued in this regard.

Pawan Khera said that the delegation also brought to the notice of the Commission the objectionable hoardings and advertisements displayed in Delhi where the caricatures of various opposition leaders have been drawn, showing them to be corrupt, while claiming that Prime Minister Modi was cleaning the corruption.

He also said that the delegation raised the matter of fake and divisive news being circulated on social media through various handles and called for stopping it immediately.

Gurdeep Sappal said, the party delegation also told the Commission about the character assassination of various leaders using different actors. The delegation demanded that no personal attacks should be allowed. Besides, it demanded that fake and divisive news besides surrogate advertisements must be stopped forthwith.