Monday, May 27

Mallikarjun Kharge Dares Modi To Expel Those Saying Will Change Constitution

Edited by Timeline News Desk

Wayanad/Mavelikkara (Kerala), April 23: Warning that the constitution of the country was under threat from the Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge today challenged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to expel all those leaders from his party who are claiming to change the constitution if they get two-third majority.

He said, it was typical of Modi to say one thing and do something else, while referring to Modi’s assertions that nobody can change the constitution of the country.

Addressing public meetings in Wayanad and Mavelikkara today, Kharge also announced that if the Congress/INDIA government comes to power at the centre, it will constitute a ‘Diversity Commission’ that will measure, monitor and promote diversity in public and private employment and education.

He said, these elections were very important as these were for saving the constitution and democracy. He said the Indian National Congress was the only national party committed to secularism, fundamental rights and democratic values enshrined in the constitution and also in the party’s manifesto.

“It is the Indian National Congress that brought social and economic justice to all people of this country irrespective of caste, creed, religion and language”, he said, while adding, “we have always stood with the people of this country”.

Kharge said, when INDIA comes to power after this election, a nationwide caste-based census would be done. He clarified that it is not to divide the society but to assess their day to day life as where they stand. He also announced that the limit of reservation will be increased on the pattern of Tamil Nadu so that poor people will get the benefit of reservation.

The Congress president said, right from the days of Hindu Mahasabha and the Jan Sangh, the BJP people have always worked towards dividing the people of this country. “And such people have the audacity to teach us patriotism and nationalism and say that Congress did nothing”, he remarked.

He pointed out how the Prime Minister chose not to visit Manipur where people are dying although he went to 14 countries around the world and addressed dozens of election meetings within the country.

Reiterating that Modi was “a 100 percent liar”, he referred to his false promises of getting back black money from foreign banks and depositing Rs 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account or providing 2 crore jobs every year and doubling the farmers’ income.

Kharge blasted Modi for describing the Congress manifesto like that of the Muslim League. He asked, does providing jobs to youth and providing Rs one lakh to poor women mean it is like that of the Muslim League manifesto.

The Congress president regretted that during the last eight years, Kerala had drifted on development. “Kerala was known for development and democracy”, he pointed out, while observing, “unfortunately the last eight yeas of the government ensured a debt ridden economy without money to even give salaries and pension on time”.

In Wayanad Kharge said, Rahul Gandhi’s leadership was not limited to Wayanad or Kerala alone, but he represented the dreams and aspirations of entire India.