Wednesday, April 24

Vladimir Putin In Romantic Relationship With 39-Year-Old Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Mizulina: Report

Edited by Fazal Rahman Chembulangad

A report by the Washington Post says that Russian President Vladimir Putin has developed a romantic relationship with Barbie-lookalike, who is 32 years younger than the president. New York Post reported that 39-year-old Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Mizulina is an art historian. She is working as a head of the pro-Kremlin Safe Internet League, with her duties including extinguishing the criticism against Russia and its president Putin, especially in its war against Ukraine.

The Russian human rights campaigner Olga Romanova told Ukraine’s Channel 24 claimed that Katya Mizulina is completely to Putin’s taste and taunted the alleged romantic affair of the president, noting, “This Barbie type has always suited him very well.” New York Post reported.

Earlier, the Russian president’s other relationship with Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva was there in the news, with reports that the couple had three children too. However, when the report about the president’s romantic relationship with the Olympic gymnast emerged, the Kremlin had denied it back then.

In 2022, the US had imposed sanctions against Alina Kabaeva in view of the Russia-Ukraine war, citing her connection with Mr Putin. In 2022, Ms Kabaeva reportedly said, “First, we will clean Ukraine from the Nazis… and then we will get to Google and Wikipedia, dragging her to the sanction list of the US.

There had also been reports of other instances of the Russian president’s alleged romantic relationship. The reports also claimed that the president had spent huge money on Ms Kabaeva and others he was in relationships with.

The latest report about Russia’s president’s relationship has been reported by Ukrainian news outlets. One Russian Telegram site Kremlevskaya Tabakerka said its sources reported that there is no confirmation about the latest news, as none of the official sources have confirmed it. Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Putina divorced in 2014 30 years after their marriage.