Monday, May 27

Google Co-Founder Divorced Wife In May Over An Alleged Affair With Elon Musk

Edited by Fathimathu Shana

Sergei Brin, Google’s co-founder and his ex-wife Nicole Shanahan opted for a silent divorce after their three year long marriage. Mr. Brin has filed divorce in January 2022 stating ‘irreconcilable differences’ after the allegations of Ms. Shanahan having a brief affair with Elon Musk as reported by Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Brin and Ms. Shanahan met in 2015, same year as he got divorced from his first wife Anne Wojcicki. They got married on November 11, 2018 and had their daughter two weeks later, as per reports.

According to report, Ms. Shanahan, who is a lawyer and founder of non-profit Bia-Echo Foundation, did not contest the divorce but sought for spousal support.

However, Elon Musk and Nicole Shanahan denied the allegations. Elon Musk, who was friends with Sergei Brin stated that he had only met Nicole twice in three year and both time they were surrounded by people. He also added about not harbouring any romantic feeling towards Ms. Shanahan. He said, “This is total bs. Sergei and I are friends and were at a party together last night. I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both time with many other people around. Nothing romantic. ”

Me. Shanahan called the allegation “utterly debilitating”. She stated, ” Did Elon and I had sex, like it was a moment of passion, and then it was over? No. Did we have a romantic relationship? No. We didn’t have an affair”.

Mr. Brin who got married to his first wife Anne Wojcicki, bio-tech analyst and co-founder of  in 2007 got divorced in 2013 after his alleged extramarital affair with Google Glass’s marketing director Amanda Rosenberg. He had two children in his first marriage.

This is not the first time Mr. Musk got himself entangled as extra in a marital affair. He was also a notable figure in the scandalised Amber Heard and Jonny Depp divorce case.

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