Wednesday, April 24

Income Tax Recovers Rs 65 Crore Dues Out Of Rs 115 Crore From Congress Account

Edited by Fazal Rahman Chembulangad

The Income Tax Department has recovered Rs 65 crore from the Indian National Congress Party’s bank account on Tuesday, according to a report by the news agency ANI. The report said that out of the total tax due of Rs 115 crore, the IT department recovered Rs 65 crore and it further noted that the Income Tax Department had marked a lien of Rs 115 crore in the party’s accounts, citing sources.

However, the Congress party has responded immediately to the Income Tax action by approaching the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and filing a complaint against the department’s recovery action.

In its complaint, the Congress party noted that the Income Tax Department enforced its lien by encashing some of the balance available in the bank accounts without waiting for the outcome of the scheduled hearing before the bench, the report said.

The Congress further asked the Income Tax Department to avoid further proceedings until the disposal of the stay application filed by the party. The Tribunal has responded by asking to maintain the status quo.

The issue started in 2018-19 when the Congress filed the Income tax return late and then a demand of Rs 130 crore was raised along with the increased interest due to the payment delay.

However, the income tax action comes amid the political parties increasingly becoming subject to financial monitoring.