Monday, May 27

IIT Kanpur Researchers Unveil New Insights of Binary Fluid Dynamics

Edited by Uzma Parveen

In a new study published in the journal ‘Communications Physics’ by Nature Group, an IIT Kanpur research unlocked new dynamic into the process of relaxation of turbulent binary fluids. This research challenges the existing theories of turbulent relaxation and opens novel ways of practical application in science, engineering and industries.

The current study led by Prof. Supratik Banerjee, along with research scholars Nandita Pan and Arijit Halder, of Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur, explores the detailed process how binary fluid (mixture of oil and water) relaxes when the stirring is withdrawn. The discovery is expected to have profound implications to understand and manipulate the properties of binary fluids in industrial applications.

Earlier, these researchers also proposed the Principle of Vanishing Nonlinear Transfers (PVNLT) with respect to the relaxation of binary fluids. In the present study, research explores the quantitative aspect of bulk binary fluid mixture phase transitioning from turbulence to relaxation. It was found out that the relaxed state of the bulk turns up to be categorically different from the interface region of the mixture. However, both relax through PVNLT.

A significant difference is also observed in the relaxation of binary fluids and single-fluid systems. This distinction is supposed to be caused by the ‘scalar energy’, pivotal in understanding this relaxation process.

Prof. Banerjee said, “The findings of our research hold immense potential in industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. This provides essentials into the manufacturing and preservation processes which can enhance efficient production capacity and reduce waste. By better understanding the unique relaxation properties of binary fluids, the stability and consistency of the products can me optimised effectively to ensure a longer shelf life”.

“Additionally, this research can lead to enhanced drug formulations to improve patient conditions”, he further added.

Noted that ‘Communication Physics’ is an open access journal from the Nature Portfolio publishing high quality research, reviews and commentary in Physics.