Anand Ranganathan's "Israel-Style Solution In Kashmir" Sparks Outrage, Then His "I Stand By..." Tweet

Anand Ranganathan's remarks were made during a chat show hosted by ANI Editor Smita Prakash.

India Edited by Updated: Jun 11, 2024, 6:55 pm
Anand Ranganathan's

Anand Ranganathan, an Indian political commentator and prominent TV panelist, has advocated for an Israel-like approach in Kashmir. The right-wing author and professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) suggested establishing settlements, combating terrorism, and securing borders, drawing comparisons to Israel’s strategies.

In response to the backlash over his remarks, Ranganathan clarified on X, “Calling for an Israel-like solution-rehabilitating the victims, making settlements, fighting terror, securing borders is not calling for genocide; it is calling for preventing another genocide. I stand by Israel. I stand by Kashmiri Hindus. And I stand by every single word.”

Ranganathan’s remarks were made during a chat show hosted by ANI Editor Smita Prakash. Other panelists on the show included Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, Sushant Sareen, and Tehseen Poonawala. During the discussion, Ranganathan expressed his disinterest in visiting Kashmir and criticised the current policies across different governments, stating that they have failed Indians, particularly Kashmiri Hindus.

He said, “I am not enthused by Kashmir at all. I don’t want to visit it. All our policies cutting across governments have failed us Indians. Starting with the Kashmiri Hindus of course, and also this thing about 16 million tourists or Indians visiting the valley last year, you are giving a facade that everything is fine. But you are not acting on what should be done.”

“You haven’t rehabilitated 7 lakh Kashmiri Hindus. All the money coming from the tourists are going to the terrorists. ANI this terrorism/militancy and whatever you call it is going to continue. You need an Israel like solution to Kashmir. The fact that Israel is unable to solve it is not because Israel is not acting to solve it. Israel has catered to its people but we haven’t,” he added.