Google Have A Different Theme For The Total Solar Eclipse

Science | Apr 07, 2024

Google set up a different theme for those who search for total solar eclipse. The search engine will show a demo of total eclipse bef..

Total Solar Eclipse: Everything You Need To Know

Science | Apr 06, 2024

Solar eclipse chasers will have a magnificent experience of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 that will be visible from the US..

INSAT-3DS Begins Imaging The Earth, First Pics Are Out

Science | Mar 11, 2024

INSAT-3DS, ISRO’s cutting-edge meteorological satellite, has commenced Earth imaging operations, unveiling i..

Perihelion: Today Earth Comes Closest To Sun; Sunlight With Most Intensity

Science | Jan 03, 2024

Today is a special day on Earth as it marks a time when our planet becomes nearest to the sun on 2024, January 3rd. Earth today reach..

China’s Deep Ocean Exploration Vessel, ‘Mengxiang’ Or ‘The Dream’ Unveiled

Science | Dec 30, 2023

China has unveiled Mengxiang, its first ocean drilling vessel, which has been designed to explore deep in to..

New Supercontinent Would Wipe Out Humans And All Mammals: Study Predicts

Science | Sep 28, 2023

According to a study conducted by the University of Bristol, a new supercontinent called Pangea Ultima could wipe out human and other..