Wednesday, April 24

IITian Turns Bolero Into Self-Driving Car; Anand Mahindra Praises Innovation

Edited by Akhil Thomas

The automobile industry is preparing for a significant shift as several car manufacturers plan for a future fleet of autonomous cars. Market leaders are making constant efforts to develop fully autonomous vehicles. Amid this, Sanjeev Sharma, an IITian living in Bhopal, has crossed a significant milestone in autonomous driving technology.

Sanjeev Sharma, the founder and CEO of Indian autonomous driving company Swaayatt Robots, recently posted a video on his X handle featuring a Mahindra Bolero navigating the challenging traffic conditions using autonomous driving technology. Swaayatt Robots has done demos of this self-driving car on various roads in Bhopal.

Sanjeev Sharma, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, founded Swaayatt Robots in 2014. The company is mainly targeting affordable and accessible self-driving solutions for the country. “This demos tested our motion planning and decision making framework to its limits, showcasing its robustness in negotiating such traffic-dynamics with ease,” Sanjeev Sharma wrote on his X handle on March 18 while sharing the video of a self-driving car.

The IITian also said that they conducted the demos in “extremely-tight-dynamic environments with complex, stochastic, and adversarial traffic dynamics.” He also claimed that this kind of traffic and environment have never been attempted in the history of autonomous driving. According to Telematics Wire, this self-driving vehicle can navigate rough terrain while maintaining stability and control. Notably, the system can also distinguish between vehicles following traffic rules and those that aren’t.

Meanwhile, industrialist Anand Mahindra recently took to social media to praise Sanjeev Sharma. “Evidence of tech innovation rising across India. An engineer who’s not  building yet another delivery app. @sanjeevs_iitr is using complex math to target level 5 autonomy. I’m cheering loudly. And certainly won’t debate his choice of car!” posted Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra on his X handle on April 2.