Wednesday, April 24

Meet Devika, The Open-Source AI Software Engineer To Challenge Devin

Edited by Akhil Thomas

Cognition, a US-based startup, recently introduced the first AI software engineer. The AI assistant named Devin has the ability to write, debug, and deploy code to create functioning websites and videos. Now, Stition.AI has unveiled Devika, the Indian competitor to Devin.

Devika is an open-source AI software engineer designed to redefine the process of building software. It was developed by Mufeed VH (Hamzakutty), the founder of Lyminal and Stition.AI. This Indian-made AI tool is equipped to interpret complex instructions from humans, dissect them into manageable tasks, conduct thorough research, and craft code to fulfill specific goals.

Notably, Mufeed VH was the gold medalist at the IndiaSkills 2021 Nationals in cybersecurity. He made this achievement when he was just 19 years old. “This whole thing started out as a joke then I wrote the entire project hackathon-style in about 20 hours spanning the last 3 days… so I rushed a bit hence the code quality isn’t the best. And I am not a UI or web designer by any means, I just learned Svelte for this project and cooked, I guess I did a good job?” the 21-year-old genius from Thrissur wrote in his X handle on March 21.

One of the notable features of Devika is that it supports Claude 3, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and local LLMs via Ollama. The AI tool has the capacity to run the code she writes and fix the code herself if she encounters any errors without user intervention. Devika also has the ability to deploy static websites she creates on Netlify.

Meanwhile, Analytics India Magazine said in its report that the main difference between Devin and Devika is that Mufeed used Claude 3 instead of GPT-4 for Devika. “Our goal right now is to score high on the SWE Bench benchmark, which Devin performed excellently on,” Mufeed said, as quoted by AIM. “As of now, Devika is far from the capabilities of Devin… but we’ll eventually get there,” Mufeed wrote in an X post on March 21.