“Had She (Priyanka Gandhi) Contested In Varanasi…”: Rahul Gandhi's Claim In Raebareli Thank You Meet

“Had She (Priyanka Gandhi) Contested In Varanasi…”: Rahul Gandhi's Claim In Raebareli Thank You Meet

Rahul Gandhi Edited by Updated: Jun 11, 2024, 8:00 pm

In a heartfelt speech at Raebareli, former Congress president and Raebareli MP Rahul Gandhi expressed his gratitude to voters for their support. He made a striking claim regarding his sister, Priyanka Gandhi, stating: “Not only did the BJP lose Ayodhya, PM Modi narrowly escaped defeat in Varanasi. I’m telling my sister (Priyanka Gandhi) today, had she contested from Varanasi, the Prime Minister of this country would have lost his seat by two-three lakh votes.”

He emphasised Uttar Pradesh’s crucial role, saying, “Uttar Pradesh has shown the way to the entire India. My heartfelt thanks to all the voters of Rae Bareli and Amethi and all the workers and leaders of INDIA gadbandhan. I will come again soon to meet you all and discuss our resolve for progress, unity, and love.”

Rahul Gandhi also called for addressing real issues and aiding the poor, criticizing the Agniveer scheme and vowing to oppose it in Parliament. He expressed his pride in the people’s rejection of Narendra Modi’s vision, advocating for a new vision based on love and unity.

“India has sent a message that we don’t like Narendra Modi’s vision. We don’t want hatred and violence. We need a shop of love and a new vision. If we want to give a new vision to the country, then it has to be given from Uttar Pradesh only. Uttar Pradesh has given the message that we want INDIA alliance in the country and the state,” he said.

Highlighting the BJP’s loss in Ayodhya, he pointed out the exclusion of farmers, laborers, and marginalized communities from the Ram temple inauguration, contrasting it with the presence of billionaires. This, he said, was a significant factor in the people’s response against the BJP.

“BJP lost the Ayodhya seat. Ram temple was built in Ayodhya but farmers, labourers, poor, Dalits and backward class people were not seen in its inauguration program. Many billionaires of the country including Adani, Ambani were standing there but our tribal President was not even allowed to come. Therefore, the people of Ayodhya have also given their answer to BJP,” the Congress leader who won from Raebareli and Wayanad said.

Rahul Gandhi credited the unity of Congress and Samajwadi Party workers in Uttar Pradesh for their electoral success, concluding with heartfelt thanks to the leaders and workers of Rae Bareli and Amethi for their dedication and hard work.