Monday, May 27

Amid Anti-Gaza War Protests, Columbia University Extends Remote Learning

Edited by Dileep Kumar S

As the anti-Gaza war protests spread across the campuses of United States of America, Columbia University, currently the center of students’ outrage, has decided to extend the remote learning option in the main campus of the Ivy League institution at New York.

Columbia’s provost, Angela Olinto, declared that students at the Ivy League institution’s main Morningside Campus could opt for remote classes until the final day of the semester on April 29th. “Safety is our highest priority,” she emphasised in an email sent Monday night.

10 main updates on students protests across America

  1. 133 individuals were arrested on Monday during protests at New York University.
  2. Several arrests were made during rallies at Yale University.
  3. Harvard University restricted access to its campus in response to ongoing protests.
  4. Demonstrations regarding the Gaza war spread across college campuses in the US Midwest and West Coast.
  5. Nine students were arrested in Minneapolis for attempting to establish a protest camp.
  6. A student at Columbia filed a hate crime report with the NYPD after being struck in the head with a rock while carrying an Israeli flag.
  7. Columbia’s Students for Justice in Palestine denounced hate and bigotry and distanced themselves from inflammatory individuals.
  8. Dr. Nemat Shafik addressed campus tensions and efforts to combat antisemitism during testimony to a US congressional committee.
  9. Over 100 people, including the daughter of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, were arrested at Columbia University during Gaza war demonstrations.
  10. The Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip from ongoing Israeli attacks has risen to 34,183, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry.


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