EMotorad EMX+: A Review of Convenience And Excitement On Two Wheels

Auto Written by Updated: Feb 12, 2024, 7:28 pm
EMotorad EMX+: A Review of Convenience And Excitement On Two Wheels

EMotorad EMX+: A Review of Convenience And Excitement On Two Wheels

EMotorad, based in Pune, offers a diverse range of battery-powered cycles, primarily targeting the lifestyle segment. In the evolving landscape of mobility, where technological advancements have reshaped transportation, the humble bicycle has undergone a remarkable transformation. From traditional mechanical workhorses to smart, lifestyle-oriented products, bicycles have adapted to the changing needs of modern society.

The EMX+ from EMotorad exemplifies this evolution, offering a battery-powered bicycle that combines convenience with fun. Built on an aluminum alloy frame, the EMX+ boasts a contemporary design with a tall stance. While the sturdy construction of the bike instills confidence, the absence of proper fenders and makeshift rubber flaps detracts from both aesthetics and functionality.

Despite initial challenges in mounting the bike due to its tall seat and riding height, the EMX+ offers a smooth and enjoyable riding experience once on the move. The pedal action is seamless, and the bike accelerates linearly as the rider pedals harder. Equipped with a 468 Wh lithium-ion battery and a 36V 250W rear hub motor, the EMX+ delivers crisp throttle response and impressive performance.

With a 21-speed gear train and five ride modes, the EMX+ offers versatility in handling various terrains and riding preferences. However, during testing, the effectiveness of different gear ratios and ride modes appeared limited, with minimal discernible changes in performance. Despite this, the EMX+ demonstrates commendable range capabilities, with the potential to cover over 60 km on electric power alone and up to 80 km on combined electric and mechanical power.

While the EMX+ excels in terms of performance and range, certain aspects of its ride quality leave room for improvement. The adjustable suspension, though present at both ends, fails to deliver a comfortable ride, with harshness and bone-jarring impacts experienced over uneven surfaces. Additionally, ergonomic issues, such as a long reach to the handlebar and limited seat comfort, detract from the overall riding experience.

On the positive side, braking performance on the EMX+ is impressive, with sharp and responsive feedback from both levers. However, riders must adjust to the instant throttle cutoff when the brakes are applied, a feature that may require some acclimatization.

Despite its shortcomings, the EMX+ offers a compelling option for cycling enthusiasts and urban commuters seeking a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Priced at Rs 59,000, the EMX+ may appear steep, but its impressive battery capacity and range justify the investment for those willing to embrace the future of electric mobility.

While the EMX+ may not be perfect, its blend of convenience, performance, and sustainability makes it a worthy contender in the evolving landscape of urban transportation.