Prakash Raj Denies Rumours Of Joining BJP

Elections Edited by Updated: Apr 04, 2024, 3:38 pm
Prakash Raj Denies Rumours Of Joining BJP

Prakash Raj Denies Rumours Of Joining BJP (

Actor Prakash Raj dismissed rumours of joining BJP. As social media is running news regarding his joining of the BJP, in reply to one such viral post, in a witty tone actor remarked, “I guess they tried.”

Actor is all set to join the BJP at 3PM today – that was the news soon going rounds in social media since afternoon. Since the post came, the netizens are wondering about the real source behind the news which has been shared as “reports” or “sources”. However, Prakash Raj”s post has killed the longevity of the fake news.

Actor has always been vocal critic of ruling BJP and his criticism has often invited controversies. For that reason itself, the news about actor joining BJP was difficult to register. Comparing to such recent fake news incidents appeared in the social media, this particular news, interestingly has been received differently as majority of the comments stated the information is “false” and “impossible”. Social media users were also showering laughing emoji”s under the post, dismissing the news outrightly.

In X handle, Prakash Raj wrote: “I guess they tried must have realised they were not rich enough (ideologically) to buy me…. what do you think friends #justasking.”

In last month also, while speaking at the Chikkamangalur Press Club in Karnataka, Prakash Raj without naming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP snubbed at them and said that those who have done 420 (fraud) are talking about winning 400 seats in the upcoming general elections, India Today reports. The actor has also added that there is “no chance” that a single party can win 400 or more seats “in a democracy”.