Wednesday, February 21

Johnny Sins, Ranveer Singh And An Ad – Then They Broke Internet

Edited by Shibu NK

If it’s an advertisement for a sex product, who else can be a better choice than Johnny Sins, the doyen of the adult entertainment industry, widely recognized for his versatile performances and striking appearance?

Then it has happened – with a bonus. In an ad for the sexual health product Bold Care, Johnny Sins is joined by actor, trendsetter, and sartorial chameleon, none other than Ranveer Singh. It’s worth noting that Ranveer Singh is also the co-owner of Bold Care, a men’s sexual health and wellness brand.

This ad, which features Johnny Sins, celebrated for his ability to seamlessly transition between various roles and genres within the adult film industry, from romantic scenes to more intense and adventurous scenarios, portrays him as a husband who can’t perform. As in normal sexual health ads, the wife complains about it. Then the saviour arrives: Ranveer Singh’s character helps Sins to take the ‘medicine,’ and he is cured. (We are not responsible for any risks involved in the product or whatever is shown in the advertisement.)

The ad, obviously, broke the internet. What caught everyone’s attention was Johnny Sins’ presence in the ad, starring alongside a Bollywood superstar. And the setup is much more interesting. The ad has a story line of normal Indian soap operas – saas, bahu and sasural.

Born on December 31, 1978, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sins embarked on his career in adult films in the early 2000s, quickly rising to prominence due to his chiseled physique, charismatic presence, and professionalism on set. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to push boundaries have earned him numerous accolades and a massive fan following worldwide.

Outside of his work in adult entertainment, Sins has garnered attention for his humorous persona and adventurous spirit, often sharing glimpses of his personal life and interests on social media platforms. He has become somewhat of a pop culture icon, with appearances in mainstream media and collaborations with various brands and personalities.

“I am pleased to come on board as the face and co-owner of Bold Care. Together, we are committed to normalising conversations about sexual health and wellness, a topic that traditionally comes with stigmas and taboos. People, especially men are misinformed and shy to seek help. With this, we are doing our bit to help to bring about a positive change in society,” Ranveer Singh had said in a statement when he joined Bold Care.

Bold Care claims that “it is all about the Indian man rediscovering the confidence he needs to feel complete. Be it your sex life, your looks or health, we help you approach life with confidence. Our solutions and products are backed by experts and scientific bodies. We know what you want, and we have the solution you need. Rest assured, our products are safe, healthy and backed by a panel of expert doctors.”