Wednesday, April 24

Karnataka BJP Leader KS Eshwarappa Seeks Law To ‘Shoot And Kill’ Congress Leaders

Edited by Kabani R

Former Minister and senior BJP leader KS Eshwarappa once again stirred a controversy when he called for a law that sanctions the killing of Congress MP DK Suresh and MLA Vinay Kulkarni. Besides, calling the two leaders “traitors”, BJP leader stated that they want to divide India into pieces.

The 75-year-old made the speech during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Karnataka BJP president and office-bearers in Davangere district. His remarks were aimed at condemning statements made by the Congress leaders suggesting that they advocated for dividing the nation.

BJP leader said: “If they try to convey such statements again, through such public meetings, I would like to communicate to Narendra Modi ji that DK Suresh and Vinay Kulkarni are traitors to this country. They seemingly desire to divide the nation into pieces. I suggest enacting a law where they can be shot and killed,” NDTV reports.

However, his controversial statement erupted row between the BJP and the Congress.

Meanwhile, the activist Kavitha Reddy wrote on X: “Bengaluru City Police would have arrested me if I had said that KS Eshwarappa should be beaten to death in public, but no action will be taken against Eshwarappa for calling the killing of DKSuresh. Law is indeed based on Power!”

Eshwarappa’s remark comes a day after he referred the Karnataka government’s protest in Delhi over “unfair allocation of funds”, a campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He also accused that Congress has started its campaign by spending tax payer’s money.

(With inputs from NDTV)