Monday, May 27

Congress To Jumpstart India’s Economic Engine, Will Create Crores Of Millionaires: Rahul Gandhi

Edited by Dileep Kumar S

Bolangir (Odisha), May 15: Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today said that Rs 8500 monthly cash assistance to the poor families and monthly stipend to youth during one year apprenticeship will jumpstart the country’s economic engine.

He also warned the BJP and Modi against fiddling with the Constitution of India, saying the people of India and the Congress party will not let them do so.

Addressing a largely attended public rally here today, the former Congress president said, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi created just 22 billionaires, the INDIA government will create crores of ‘lakhpatis’ (millionaires).

Rahul Gandhi addressing election campaign meeting in Bolangir, Odisha.

Moreover, he added, while those billionaires spend their money abroad in places like Dubai, US, UK and Japan, the money that the INDIA government will provide to poor people, will be spent very much within the country.

He said, every poor family will start receiving Rs 8,500 per month from July 2024 onwards and every fresh graduate and diploma holder will receive Rs 8,500 during apprenticeship for one year.

He pointed out this will increase the purchasing capacity of people which will create demand for goods. This will lead to increased production in factories and all those factories, which were closed down, will be reopened and this will also lead to creation of jobs and generation of employment.

Rahul Gandhi reaches for election campaign meeting in Bolangir, Odisha.

Asserting that it will lead to the jumpstarting of the economic engine, he said, while the people are the engine, the monetary support will prove to be petrol for the engine.

Gandhi said, another major revolutionary thing the INDIA government will do is to carry out the caste census. He said it will help with two things. First, it will reveal the exact population of different sections of the society and secondly, it will also tell how much share do they have in the country’s resources and the power structure.

He said revolutionary politics, that will be the people’s politics, will start from there only. Otherwise, he said, the country was being ruled over by a few monopolists who had controlled and monopolized everything.

Public gathered for the Rahul Gandhi election campaign meeting in Bolangir, Odisha.

He said, 90 percent of India’s population which included Backwards, Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and poor from the general castes, had no say in power nor did they have any share in various institutions including the media and corporate India. He said, this has to change and it will change.

For farmers, he said, the INDIA government will waive off all their debt. Besides, there will be legal guarantee for the MSP of their crops. Any damage that their crops may suffer will be compensated within 30 days.

He also announced that the daily wages will be increased to Rs 400 from the current rate of Rs 250 per day.