Monday, May 27

Priyanka Gandhi Blasts PM Modi’s Denial About Doing Hindu-Muslim Politics

Edited by Dileep Kumar S

Rae Bareli, May 15: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi today blasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s outright lie that he had never done Hindu-Muslim politics.

Speaking at a rally here today, Ms Gandhi was referring to the Prime Minister’s recent outright denial, during an interview, about doing Hindu-Muslim politics.

In a sharp reaction to Modi saying that if he really did Hindu-Muslim politics, he did not deserve to hold the Prime Minister’s position, Ms Gandhi said, Modi had done Hindu-Muslim politics for last ten years.

She said, during the last ten years a new type of politics had emerged where the leaders did not bother to work for the people under the “secure belief” that they can get votes in the name of religion.

The Congress general secretary also condemned the incident of beating up a reporter by the BJP workers during the union Home Minister’s rally here a few days back just for asking some questions.

She said the BJP during the last ten years had introduced a different type of politics where the leaders were neither accountable nor answerable.

She reminded them about the work of her grandmother and mother who would come and visit people here and learn about their problems. Compared to that, she said, Prime Minister Modi never comes down from the stage to greet the people, leave aside meeting anyone in person.

The Congress general secretary reiterated some of the guarantees of her party to the people.

These include providing Rs 8500 every month to one woman of every poor family, Right to Apprenticeship for fresh graduates for which they will get Rs one lakh for one year, waiving off loans of farmers besides legal guarantee for the MSP and doubling the income of the Anganwadi and Asha workers.

She pointed out how Prime Minister Modi had waived off loans worth Rs 16 lakh crores of a few billionaires, who had taken such a huge amount for expanding their business. But, when there was a demand for waiving off farmers’ debt, he said, the government did not have any money.

Referring to Modi’s indifference towards farmers’ plight, she said, a few years back, the sugarcane farmers were demanding their pending dues worth Rs 15000 crores, which were refused to them for want of money. But, during the same time Modi bought two special aeroplanes worth Rs 16,000 crores for himself.

Making a fervent appeal to people to vote for Rahul Gandhi, she said, he was a truthful and honest leader for whom serving people was the only mission. She pointed out, he travelled a total distance of more than 8,000 kms across the country to know and learn about people’s issues and problems. She said, like her grandmother late Ms Indira Gandhi and mother Ms Sonia Gandhi had served and nourished Raebareli, Rahul will also be serving the constituency and its people.