Monday, May 27

Reporter Uses Abuse During Live Broadcast; CNBC-TV 18 Issues Apology

Edited by Aishwarya Krishnan

A viral video of a live broadcast of a reporter using expletive language has been circulating on social media. The reporter, named Ashmit from the channel CNBC-TV 18, was reporting on the Patanjali case when the slip of tongue happened.

The goof-up occurred when the reporter mixed up his words and used an abusive word in frustration while live reporting. Although he realised his mistake, it was too late. Cutting off the reporter, the anchor took over to try save the day. “We will get back to that in a bit. We couldn’t hear you very well Ashmit,” she said.

Following the incident, the official handle of the channel issued an apology. “Earlier today on a live broadcast, a reporter inadvertently used inappropriate language not realising he was on air. We sincerely apologise for the mistake and will work even harder to ensure we uphold the highest standards.”

Reacting to the apology, many social media users asked the channel not to take any strict actions against the reporter as it was simply a human error. Some netizens empathised with the reporter and the frustration he must have undergone.