Kerala BJP's Now-Deleted Promo Song Called On People To Defeat "Corrupt Govt At The Centre"

Elections Edited by Updated: Feb 22, 2024, 3:06 pm
Kerala BJP's Now-Deleted Promo Song Called On People To Defeat

In a major faux pas that surely left the BJP red-faced, a promotional song by the party”s Kerala unit inadvertently urges the masses to boot out the “government at the Centre, renowned for its corruption.”  The song, which was released a couple of days back, has been withdrawn.

“Let’s join our hands to overpower the central government rule, which is famous for corruption,” the lyrics of a song shared on BJP Kerala”s YouTube channel said.

The musical mishap traces its roots back to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime when the BJP was perfecting its opposition symphony. The song was crafted during the build-up to the 2014 elections.

This oversight sparked widespread attention on social media, prompting funny memes and reactions. While the party hasn’t reacted to the goof-up yet, the state leadership has sought an explanation from those responsible for the goof-up, Deccan Herald reported.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Prakash Javadekar wrote on X: “Kerala media should probe before printing news about BJP or for anybody. The matter in Ponnani is a simple local mistake of playing the song prepared against UPA government in 2013. such mistakes happen in newspaper also every day. No action is required. ‘Aayega to Modi’.”

As if that weren”t enough, a poster about Kerala BJP chief’s K Surendran”s grand luncheon plans with “SC and ST leaders” on February 20 drew criticism as it allegedly reflected the “upper caste mindset” of the BJP leadership. Surendran dismissed it as an “unnecessary controversy” being created by those who are uncomfortable with SC and ST communities moving closer to the BJP.

The BJP has been trying hard to make inroads in Kerala which has largely snubbed it at both state and national level. Through strategic moves such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi”s recent temple visits and targeted outreach initiatives towards the sizable Christian community, which comprises nearly 20% of the state”s population, the party aims to overcome past electoral obstacles and achieve success in Kerala this time around.