Wednesday, April 24

India’s Semiconductor Ambitions: A Five-Year Plan To Transform Into A Global Chip Hub

Written by S Das

India is embarking on a transformative journey to position itself as a formidable contender in the global semiconductor industry. Over the next five years, the country aims to emerge as a hub for both chip fabrication and design. Bolstered by its strengths in chip design, a dedicated commitment to clean and sustainable power, and a wealth of expertise in handling intricate chemicals, India strategically positions itself to excel in semiconductor technology. This ambitious endeavour signifies India’s determination to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the semiconductor landscape on the world stage.

Key Strengths:

India boasts strengths in chip design, leveraging its proficiency in handling complex liquids and chemicals, coupled with a commitment to clean and green power. These advantages position India favourably for success in semiconductor design and fabrication.

Global Semiconductor Market Projection:

Anticipating robust growth, industry experts predict the global semiconductor market to double in the next 6-7 years, reaching a value surpassing a trillion dollars. This projection reflects the increasing demand for semiconductor technology worldwide.

Skill Development Initiative:

To support India’s position in the semiconductor ecosystem, there are plans to skill 80,000 individuals, equipping them with the necessary talents to contribute to the semiconductor industry. This initiative aims to bridge the talent gap and enhance India’s capabilities in this rapidly evolving field.

Fab Facilities and Technological Advancements:

India’s semiconductor ambitions include establishing at least two large fab facilities offering cutting-edge technology. Ongoing constructions, such as the facility by US-based Micron, highlight the nation’s rapid development in the semiconductor ecosystem. There are expectations for the imminent launch of India’s homegrown 4G and 5G stack, with the country aspiring to become an exporter of telecom technology in the coming years.

Telecom Sector Turnaround:

Emphasising the remarkable turnaround in the telecom sector over the past decade, the industry has shifted from financial struggles and continuous litigation to becoming a sunrise industry. High-speed railway networks are seen as a positive contributor to India’s economy, drawing inspiration from the experiences of developed nations.

As India embarks on its journey to become a global force in semiconductor technology, the nation’s strategic initiatives, emphasis on skill development, and plans for cutting-edge fab facilities underscore its commitment to emerging as a key player in the dynamic landscape of chip design and fabrication.