Wednesday, April 24

Aadujeevitham: What Najeeb Has Got To Say About The Controversy

Edited by Kabani R

Since its release on last week, Aadujeevitham (The Goat Life) movie has been running successfully. Marking Ace filmmaker Blessy’s return to big screens after a decade, actor Prithviraj’s performance in the movie is garnering both audience and critical praises. The movie is based on Benyamin’s bestselling novel of the same title and its taking inspiration from the real life of Shukur, and his actual experience in Saudi Arabian desert by the hands of a Bedouin sponsor (Kafeel).

However, as accolades are pouring over the makers behind the movie as well as for Benyamin, who all are revisiting the novel on these occasions, controversies are also abounding on the social media platforms. The debates included how much the author took from the real life of Shukur, and a section of social media users accuse Benyamin of using Shukur’s experience and presence to sell the book after adding several instances in the story where those were not actual events. The author is also now accused of lying about the authenticity of his claims after he made a comment that the story of Shukur is less than 30 percent in the story; however, he had written in his book’s afterwords that “he didn’t sugarcoat Najeeb’s story or fluff it up to please the reader.”

Now, Shukur, aka Najeeb, has responded that social media controversies surrounding the movie are hurting him. He told Madhyamam, a Malayalam daily, that many are reacting as if Blessy and Benyamin have done cruelty to him, but he has not raised such a grievance anywhere.

He had only good experiences, and no one should tarnish them on his account, Najeeb said. He shares a strong connection with Benjamin, and from the publication of the novel in 2008 until now, he has received respect, more than he deserves. Due to Benyamin, he became famous and got a place in the Loka Kerala Sabha as a representative of emigrants. Najeeb says that Benyamin has helped before and will definitely help in the future. It was due to Benyamin and his work that he was able to stay in Bahrain for 20 years, and his son got a job at Lulu, he added.

Adding further, Najeeb said that he has met Blessy a number of times. “He is a good human being,” and Najeeb then told him that the director has offered jobs at various places but has declined them.

People who are responding on social media are thinking about his goodwill, and he is grateful, Najeeb said further.