Wednesday, February 21

Man Sues Zomato For Misleading Customers Over “Hot And Authentic Food” Claims

Edited by Kabani R

In a civil suit, Delhi Court issued a summons to Zomato, the app-based food delivery service, over ‘false practice’ of delivering food from ‘iconic restaurants’. A Gurgaon resident, in its plea alleged that Zomato has been engaging in the “false and fraudulent” practice of delivering fresh food from well-known restaurants under its sub-category, ‘Dilli ke Legends’.

As per this scheme, the food delivery platform claimed that “hot and authentic food” from iconic restaurants across the national capital will be delivered to the customers’ cities. The scheme also states that the delivered food will be freshly prepared by the restaurant.

According to the plea filed on October 14, 2023, the complainant had ordered from three different eateries in Jama Masjid, Kailash Colony and Jangpura following ‘Dilli ke Legends’ scheme. However, when the plaintiff tracked the delivery partner, it was found that the order was picked up from an “unknown and unnamed” place and not from the original restaurant. Plaintiff also claimed that even the delivery partner accepted that the order was picked up and delivered from a warehouse in Gurgaon.

“Why was the food picked up from a nearby location when there is no branch of the restaurant partner there? Why is the food not delivered in the original packaging of the restaurant partner? What is the guarantee that the food has been prepared by the restaurant partner? What is the guarantee that the food is prepared fresh and hot?” the complainant asked.

The plea also added that it was “inexplicable” how Zomato managed delivery from Delhi’s iconic restaurants to locations in Gurugram and Noida within 30 minutes. Through expressions such as “delivered hot”, and “freshly prepared” the food delivery platform is committing fraud and “intended to deceive the public at large.”

The plea was submitted as a “representative suit” for numerous affected individuals under the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) and listed the matter for next hearing on March 20.

(With inputs from PTI and Bar and Bench)