How Social Media Help Sasha Ruddock Find Her Long Lost School Friend

everything and anything can happen in social media platforms. While it is used as a medium to bully others, it can also be used to reconnect each other.

social media Edited by Updated: Jun 08, 2024, 2:43 pm
How Social Media Help Sasha Ruddock Find Her Long Lost School Friend

How Social Media Help Sasha Ruddock Her Long Lost School Friend (image@Pixabay)

Since the emergence of internet, everything became easier and more difficult simultaneously. While the cons are a never ending list, the pros are overwhelmingly high.  While it was perceived as a leash that kept man glued to the screen, the digital world also plays key role in digging up long lost connections. From cupid to lost and found agency, social media platforms are the famous and notorious multitaskers.

Recently, Sasha Ruddock, influencer and content creator, shared one such amusing story. On June 6th, she responded to a tweet shared by Zainab Balogun, actress and model. Zainab asked netizens, if ever they randomly think about someone from past and think, “I hope you are well, wherever you are”.

Sasha posted that she thought about her quiet school friend named Nguyen Nguyen, who was her classmate in sixth grade. Nguyen was so quiet, and never spoke to anyone, even with the teacher. But the girl was extremely brilliant and never needed any help.

Sasha said that they used to walk to school together. While Sasha talks, Nguyen never uttered a word, “not a single word”. But one day, when Sasha stayed back to pack up her desk, as her parents were shifting to another place. As everyone in the class left, Nguyen stayed behind at her, which is unlikely for her. Sasha did not paid attention until her silent friend spoke up, “I’s going to miss you Sasha”.

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The content creator wrote that it was for the first and last time she heard Nguyen’s voice. Sasha said that she thought about her friend often and searched for her in the internet as well, but could not find out, as many people go by the same name. She ended her narration by saying, “I hope you are okay girl & I miss you too”.

Interestingly, Sasha came back to twitter few hours later saying that she found her friend. She said as her tweet got viral, she felt like going back to the “drawing board – my FACEBOOK and try again”. After hours of digging, she finally found Nguyen. And what was even more shocking was her career.

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The quiet girl who never spoke even to the teachers is now a speech-language pathologist, a “fancy way of saying a speech therapist”.

Sasha shared screenshots pf their chat. Nguyen told Sasha that she saw Sasha’s post on Upworthy and it sounded exactly like her. She was going to dig up her year book at her parents’ place. She also said that she remember Sasha very well, and thanked her for “befriending that super shy, awkward little girl. It truly meant a lot”.

Now the pair are friends on Instagram. Though Sasha was not sure if the physical reunions are possible, she was happy.

That was not all, Sasha came back to X again to inform that a “well known media company just reached out…& long story short— they love our story and MAY or MAY not be facilitating our reunion”.

Well…what a small and lovely world !!!