Captain Miller Review: Dhanush’s ‘Freedom’ Story Is Riveting With Excellent Performances

Entertainment Written by Updated: Jan 12, 2024, 12:30 pm
Captain Miller Review: Dhanush’s ‘Freedom’ Story Is Riveting With Excellent Performances

Captain Miller Review: Dhanush’s ‘Freedom’ Story Is Riveting With Excellent Performances

Arun Matheswaran”s “Captain Miller” starring Dhanush revisits a time when freedom depended on the decisions and whims of the British and the caste masters. It takes the viewer through the conflicts of a man who had to fight many battles to survive for himself and his people. The movie, which also features Shiva Rajkumar, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Aditi Balan, Sundeep Kishan, along with several foreign actors, tells various stories, including those of the freedom struggle, caste oppression, local folklore, and the adventures of an outlaw.

In several occasions, the movie asks important and serious questions such as, what will be the situation of lower castes once the country gains freedom from the whites, and what will be the position of women in a so-called progressive society controlled by men, etc.

“Captain Miller” is a visual treat. After “Jigarthanda,” the most discussed movie of last year that rehashed discourses on land, forest, power, and corporate greed, “Captain Miller” brings Tamil cinema back to the same terrain. It discusses the implications of the absence of individual freedom and the perils of caste hierarchy.

Dhanush is, as usual, at his best, adorning several hats – an outlaw, rebel, son, defeated lover, and savior, and he comes out as superior in this power-packed performance that spans from the beginning to the end.

(Spoilers ahead) Dhanush”s character undergoes a transformative journey, transitioning from a local lower-caste boy to a British sepoy, then to a rebel, and ultimately becoming the savior of his community, liberating them from both foreign and local oppressors. Unwanted in his community, Analeesan “Easa” is enrolled in the British Army without the approval of his brother, a freedom fighter played by Shiva Rajkumar. During his time in the Army, he encounters a life-changing event and decides to leave. However, upon returning to his community, they blame him for the events that transpired in the Army, events that were, in a way, the cause of his departure. Disheartened, he leaves the community and fades into oblivion.

Eventually, Eesa, who has already become Captain Miller by that time, joins forces with the outlaws in the area and fights both the British and the local chieftains. As the movie approaches its conclusion, he emerges as the hero of the people (as expected in many hero movies), and the script holds many more surprises for both him and the audience.

The director”s story, and the screenplay, crafted by him and Madhan Karky, have a compelling narrative. However, the execution lags significantly, with the only saving grace being the excellent acting performances by all the main actors.

The story of Captain Miller unfolds through various chapters, a narrative choice that may have lightened the director”s task. However, this approach leaves the audience crawling through the script and narration at several points. While the movie is captivating at times, it proves disappointing on several occasions.

Siddhartha Nuni”s cinematography evidently contributes to capturing the essence of the story, and GV Prakash Kumar”s music adds an extra layer of spice to the presentation. This becomes particularly crucial as it serves as a saving grace when the dialogues and screenplay fall short of complementing the fantastic storyline.

If you have liked Dhanush previous works Polladhavan, Aadukalam, 3, Raanjhanaa, Maryan, Karnan and Asuran, you will like this movie.