Wednesday, April 24

“Papa Of Propaganda”: Rahul Gandhi Says Public Is Ready To Show PM Modi The Mirror

Edited by Aishwarya Krishnan

Sharing a video clip of a woman criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling government while raising questions about rising unemployment, Manipur’s ethnic violence, and the ongoing Ladakh protests, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and referred to PM Modi as “Papa of Propaganda.”

Rahul Gandhi said that a young man had shared the video with him today. He stated that the truth is coming out as the public was asking questions about the failures of the government, breaking from the illusion and fear propagated by the central government. He said, “Now the truth is coming out after breaking the web of confusion and fear. This time, the ‘Papa of Propaganda’ would not be successful because the public itself is ready to show him the mirror.”

In the video clip, while being interviewed, the woman refers to the BJP ad that has been the subject of several memes in the past few weeks (“War Rukwa Di Papa”). The woman then asks, “Papa humein naukari kyu nahi dete? (Why is Papa not providing jobs?)” referring to the rising unemployment in the country under the rule of the BJP.

The woman also refers to the alleged electoral bond scam where the saffron party, the frontrunner in the encashment of electoral bonds, redeemed electoral bonds worth more than Rs 8,000 crore. Calling it propaganda, the woman in the video then asks, “Papa Manipur ke dange kyu nahi rukhwate? (Why is Papa not stopping Manipur’s violence?)” The state has been witnessing a humanitarian crisis, with ethnic violence claiming over 200 lives and displacing thousands of people since May last year. The BJP government has maintained silence over the matter so far. Notably, the prime minister has avoided visiting the state.

She also raises questions on why PM Modi has not intervened to resolve the Ladakh issue, where Sonam Wangchuk had been on a hunger strike for 21 days. Wangchuk, after ending his 21-day hunger strike, joined the women’s groups in their 10-day fast. The ‘climate fast’ is a part of the ongoing Ladakh protests seeking its inclusion in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution and statehood for the current union territory along with the preservation of the Himalayas.