"The Next Biggest Threat For Gaza - Starvation And Deadly Diseases”: Absolute Catastrophe As Hospitals Are Raided

West Asia Edited by Updated: Nov 17, 2023, 12:39 pm

"The Next Biggest Threat For Gaza"; Starvation And Deadly Diseases. Absolute Catastrophe As Hospitals Are Raided (image @ eye.on.palestine)

As the Israeli force continue the callous barbarity on Palestinians by cutting off water, food, fuel and electricity apart from indiscriminate shelling, blockading and raiding hospitals, here is what is happening in Gaza today as the war entered to its 42nd day.

The next big threat for Gaza is the water borne diseases like cholera, and other deadly infectious diseases if the humanitarian aid is not provided urgently. As the occupation force has cut off water and other basic necessities including medical supplies, the Gazans were forced to use maligned water for drinking and every other purposes. The collapse of sanitation services and clear water is a major threat charging towards Gaza.

The situation beyond dire. As the 65 sewage systems and five waste water systems in Gaza was forced to stop operating due to lack of fuel, the untreated sea sewage is now being released to the sea. Solid wastes from city are also being accumulated in some streets along bodies waiting to be buried, as per report from Oxfam, said Al Jazeera.

The occupation force has launched intense raid in Jenin of occupied West Bank. Palestinian news agency Wafa reported about the premises of Jenin Government hospital was raided. Report suggests the Israeli forces “demand” and immediate evacuation of the Ibn Sina Hospital in the occupied West Bank.

Sources told the news agency that the occupation force has surrounded the hospital from all sides. Using loudspeakers, the hospital was ordered to be evacuated. Ambulances were searched, paramedics were asked to leave the hospitals with their hands raised and were searched in the hospital courtyard. Two paramedics were reported to be arrested. Those inside the hospital refused to surrender.

The hospital is considered to be one of the largest medical facility in the Palestinian territory of the occupied West Bank and is a specialised hospital.

United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) says the population of Gaza is under the “possibility of starvation”. The report says only 10 percentage of the necessary food supplies are entering the war-torn enclave. In a statement, the WFP said, “bread, aa staple for people in Gaza, is scarce or non-existent” and called the situation, “catastrophic turning point in an already dire situation”.



As the situation in Gaza is proving to be an absolute brutal genocide, ceasefire is still off the table when the US Secretary General talked with Egyptian officials. Th State Department said that Mr. Blinken reaffirmed the need to invest concrete steps to minimise harm to the civilians of Gaza.

Scenes at hospitals in Gaza are “getting worse day by day”. Due to the massive bombing and shortage in the medical supplies and other necessities, the hospitals are running out of service in Gaza. The latest on the list is Indonesian hospital. The hospitals are running out of beds and patients, including children are forced to be treated on the floor. Due to the lack of anesthesia, patients were forced to undergo surgeries without the it and bear the unbearable pain.

The occupation force ahs been at the Al Shifa hospital for the third day in a row, the Israeli army could not locate the command centre of Hamas under the hospital, which Israel has been claiming for a long time now.

On Thursday, United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said that the Israeli force has damaged the radiology department. The report also said around 71 internally displaced Palestinians were dead and 571 were wounded while sheltering in UN facilities.

3,117 students and 183 teachers were dead since the October 7th attack. Around 4,613 students and 403 teachers were wounded.

120 Russian nationals were evacuated from Gaza through Rafah border. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.  Around 97 including 39 children is believed to be in temporary accommodation centres in Moscow. A total of 887 Russian citizens have applied for leaving Gaza and 300 have already left via the Rafah border.



At least 10 were reported to be killed in the Israeli strikes in Gaza’s Khan Younis, which is situated in south of Gaza, where Israel claimed to be a “safer place” for civilians of north Gaza.

Wafa news agency said that the occupation has denied the emergency services from entering the Jenin refugee camp after the airstrike on the camp. At least three were killed in the airstrike and many wounded.

SANA Syria’s state news agency reported that several areas near the Syrian capital Damascus has been targeted in an Israeli airstrike and has caused “material damage”.

Telecommunication blockade is also on the list of atrocities unleashed upon the Palestinians due to lack of fuel. Correspondents from the battle field and emergency services find it hard to operate as the fuel ran out.