Wednesday, April 24

NSUI Urges Government To Rescue 5000 Indians Trapped In Cambodia

Congress-associated National Students Union of India (NSUI)’s president Varun Choudhary has issued a statement urging the government to take immediate action regarding the cyber fraud scam unfolding in Cambodia, where over 5,000 Indian nationals are reportedly trapped and coerced into illegal activities.

According to reports, innocent individuals, predominantly from the southern regions of India, were promised legitimate employment opportunities but instead were forced into fraudulent schemes against their will. These individuals have been subjected to coercion and manipulation, leading to their involvement in cyber fraud activities, resulting in significant financial losses amounting to Rs 500 crore over the past six months.

Choudhary criticised the government’s focus on advertisements such as “War Rukwa di papa” while neglecting the plight of these victims. He emphasized the urgent need for the government to prioritise the rescue and repatriation of all affected Indians from Cambodia.

Furthermore, Choudhary highlighted that he has repeatedly submitted letters to Dr. S. Jaishankar, the Minister of External Affairs, regarding the challenges faced by Indian youngsters in other countries, including USA , but has received no response from the minister. “This lack of acknowledgment and action from the government is deeply concerning and calls for immediate attention,” the statement said.

Choudhary reiterated NSUI’s commitment to advocating for the rights and safety of Indian citizens abroad and warned that if the government fails to take prompt action, NSUI would take to the streets to ensure the safe return of all victims to India.