"Captain Miller Charges On, All Guns Blazing": Reviews Are Out

Entertainment Edited by Updated: Jan 12, 2024, 4:13 pm

"Captain Miller Charges On, All Guns Blazing": Reviews Are Out (image@ danushkraja)

Captain Miller has released today and praises are pouring in for Dhanush’s marvellous performance. Aided with brilliant cast and amazing story, the movie is a feast. Set in pre-independence era, it says stories of freedom not only from the whites, but also from the oppressors. In several occasions, the movie asks important and serious questions such as, what will be the situation of lower castes once the country gains freedom from the whites, and what will be the position of women in a so-called progressive society controlled by men.

According to Times of India, Dhanush stands tall among the array of brilliant stars the movie has. It said, “Captain Miller is one of the rarest film that tells the story of freedom struggle from the view point of an oppresses class”. According to the review, though the movie is a bit slow for the genre the makers of the film decided to tell the story in, Captain Miller is a “poetic action film, with some fabulous camera work”. Arun Matheswaran has stayed true to his signature style of storytelling, and detached from linear story telling. He took the story to audience in six chapters in a non-linear fashion and the sixth chapter hints at a possible sequel. Despite being set in pre-Independence era, the movie conveys a message that is relevant even today. The filmmaker gave a socio-political undertone and spoke about caste discrimination through his movie, said Times of India.

Hindustan Times appreciated Dhanush for his ability to surprise his audience with not only his performance, but with choice of stories as well. The review said, “there are many Tarantino-esque shades interspersed throughout the film”. Though the movie was a little slow paced during the first half, the pace really picks up during the second half, as “Captain Miller charges on, all guns blazing”. Captain Miller is a Dhanush film all the way, said the review. Hindustan Times too agreed that Captain Miller ends with a hint of sequel.

India Today called Captain Miller, “a searing tale about Miller’s quest for freedom”. It said the movie is Arun Matheswaran’s best work to date. According to the review, the filmmaker has paid attention to the “nitty-gritty of the story and packed a lot of applause-worthy moments”, which gave Captain Miller, larger-than-life image. Apart from oppression and freedom, the movie also incorporated subtle but strong moments about equality, and women’s power. India Today says, it is a “technically sound film”. Composer G V Prakash, and cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni showed ace talent in the movie. It said that, “Captain Miller is a brilliant film to welcome 2024 with a bang”.