Monday, May 27

Google Have A Different Theme For The Total Solar Eclipse

Edited by Fathimathu Shana

Google set up a different theme for those who search for total solar eclipse. The search engine will show a demo of total eclipse before showing the result of your search. It features a dark shadow covering the bright sphere of light representing the sun and then moves away. The page turns dark and then gets back to its usual form like how it would be during the total solar eclipse.

Skywatchers are waiting for April 8 to watch the astronomical spectacle. A total solar eclipse is believed to take place on April 8, turning the day into night across North America. It is to note that the total eclipses are only visible from a very few locations.

The total solar eclipse of 2024 will be visible across Mexico, US, and Canada, over a 185 km stretch. Nearly 18 other state of US will also be able to see it. Reportedly, skywatchers from India will not be able to see the total eclipse.

Solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that happens when the Moon passes between the earth and the sun and blocks the latter’s light from entering the former entirely or partially. The moon then casts a “path of totality” by casting a shadow on the earth after completely covering the sun. the path of totality is a relatively narrow band that moves across the surface. People standing inside the path of totality or the narrow band can witness a total eclipse, of the weather and clouds cooperate. Others might see a slightly darker sky, a partial eclipse.